In addition to our Agency of Record work and core services, we offer special campaign packages for commonly needed projects.

Product Launch Campaign

You've got a great product or service and you need to promote it and start getting traction. It's all a matter of practicality, timing, and media hits. You need to get the word out to the widest possible audience -- and you need to do it yesterday.

The first few hours, days and weeks that your product is live are crucial if you want to get the traction that you need. This is why you need media attention from the moment your product goes live. There's no time to waste.

Most product launches receive an intial wave of outreach, which quickly dies down. We keep the momentum going past that first point of impact.

This package gives you exactly what you need: quick, immediate hits so that you launch smoothly and efficiently.

Thought Leadership Campaign

A thought leadership campaign showcases the expert knowledge of your leadership team. Why? Because you are trying to create content that will be interesting to your niche audience. This package will leverage your knowledge and background to position you as an expert in your industry. 

A thought leadership campaign generally focuses on applying your expertise knowledge to a vertical that we can then use to promote your startup or product.  You can't be a one-size-fits-all expert. You must look at what other verticals your clients are interested or involved in, and build expertise in those other verticals too.

Being an expert involves getting you to give your opinion on various topics that are important in your industry. This might look like getting you to write guest blog posts and bylined articles, or doing interviews about a specific topic that's in your line of work.

The key to positioning you as an expert are establishing 3 data points.  One data point is a fluke, two data points is a coincidence, three is a trend and the magic number.

We respond to breaking news that's relevant to your industry by pitching you as an expert voice. You'll also be creating breaking news yourself with our multiple story pitches to media.  We frame the conversation using your unique value proposition.

You'll be giving out expert advice that's not heavily promotional and that naturally leads people to think of your product and value proposition as their solution.

Crowdfunding Campaign

If you don't get media attention and if blogs don't write about you, no one will know you're on Kickstarter or IndieGogo — and that means no one will give money to your product.

When you're doing a crowdfunding campaign, we target media that will be sure to cover your product — and stay away from those that will need product in their hands to write about you and that are thus ineffective.

We start early, before your campaign begins, by asking bloggers and reporters to review or check out your product beforehand. This way, when your project goes live, you have great media attention from the get-go. 

During the campaign, we continue to pitch story ideas and collect more placements so that you establish more social proof. This is done through multiple waves of outreach to media. This will keep your product in the news more consistently - as opposed to an initial explosion of buzz, and then a drop off.

This package does exactly that — it gets you the buzz that you need to raise your profile and turbo charge your funding.