Client: Budweiser
Goal: 'Always-On PR'
Coverage: 230 media hits
Impressions: 322M
Social Shares: 12K+
PR Value: $5.4M


  • National Cable TV segment on Headline News

  • Feature story CBS News

  • Front page of AOL Lifestyle

  • USA Today

  • MSN and Yahoo

  • 10+ Top Foodie Blogs

  • 70+ Local TV Stations             (8 of Top U.S. Markets)

  • 30+ Local Radio Stations        (7 of Top U.S. Markets)


Budweiser wanted to generate regular and consistent earned media coverage at a lower cost per impression – especially during periods without large-scale brand sponsorships like a music festival or Super Bowl. Budweiser asked PR Hacker to create an 'always-on' PR program that would keep the brand top-of-mind between while simultaneously communicating the idea that Budweiser drinkers are "genuine" and "approachable."


To create news that a broad range of mass media outlets could cover regardless of their location, PR Hacker created the Budweiser Beerpressions National Survey — a study about how beverage choices influence first impressions and perceptions of approachability.

Leveraging its in-house market research team, PR Hacker conducted a survey of 2,000 U.S. residents in under 48 hours, generating a data-driven story on what your drink says about you. Just in time for National Drink Beer Day,  PR Hacker also compiled an individual ranking of the most beer-loving U.S. states that could be pitched locally in each state. Because these stories could work well on local TV, PR Hacker provided outlets with ready-to-go Budweiser  video B-Roll.

The result: In only 6 weeks, we generated 322M impressions, 11K social media mentions, and 233 media placements for Budweiser—all without spending a single dollar on sponsorship.