Media Relations

To garner widespread media coverage, we approach media gatekeepers with timely, newsworthy, and interesting story ideas for articles, broadcast segments, on-air interviews, and blog posts.  This enables us to promote your key branding and business objectives in a way that can resonate with the media and its audience.

For each story idea that PR Hacker generates on your behalf, we A/B test the idea on smaller samples of media contacts, measure and analyze the responses, iterate on the initial pitch, and then scale up—depending on which stories garner the best results.  This differs from traditional PR campaigns that use a “one pitch fits all” strategy for media outreach based around a standard press release.


Viral PR

At PR Hacker, we've learned to leverage the "viral circle" -- the symbiotic relationship between mass media and social media that causes stories, ideas, videos, and products to "go viral."

To do this, we seed stories strategically in sequence with viral websites, subject influencers, and cool hunters -- the types of first-mover news sources that are tracked and followed by traditional mass media outlets.  As our snowball gathers momentum with mainstream media, we encourage key media gatekeepers at mainstream outlets (such as editors, producers, reporters, and on-air talent) to share the story on their personal social media channels -- therby replenishing the initial social media bounce.

The result:  Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of viral impressions.


Crisis Communication

We approach crisis communication based on five core principles:  

  1. Anticipate and prepare for likely risks
  2. Detect potential problems before they spread
  3. React swiftfully yet thoughtfully to emerging dangers
  4. Proactively shift the conversation to a favorable ground
  5. Analyze results to improve future response

Additionally, because many potential crises are now foreshadowed via social media and trending topics, we can actively monitor these channels to ensure early detection and rapid response.


Social Media

We're the creators of a new form of social media that we call "multichannel storytelling."  If each social media account is a "channel," then multichannel storytelling allows companies and organizations to tell a cohesive story across all channels.

Instead of focusing on an individual post or tweet as stand-alone content, we connect the lines between the dots using storytelling methods such as storylines, character development, dramatic tension, and more.

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Experiential PR

We love the process of creating and supporting memorable events, stunts, and audience experiences.  We believe that great experiences should be built with mass media, social media, and grassroots opportunities also in mind.

Of particular importance is planning and preparing for challenging circumstances such as inclement weather, problems with hired talent, logistical issues, and major breaking news.  Although we can create stunts and events of all types, we are especially strong in handcrafting uplifting experiences that inform, empower, entertain, and inspire.


Influencer Outreach

With a little creativity and imagination, it is possible to get millions of dollars worth of mentions, likes, and shares for a tiny fraction of the equivalent advertising cost.  In an influencer outreach campaign, one way we can accomplish this by offering subject influencers strategic incentives (such as product giveaways or special “care packages”) in exchange for the placement and publication of key branded content.

PR Hacker areas of specialty include "mommy bloggers," lifestyle and feature bloggers, Hispanic community influencers, and event-based influencer outreach at industry trade conferences.


Surveys + Market Research

By conducting surveys and market research to uncover interesting data, we can make products and brands much more newsworthy and media friendly.  At PR Hacker, we regularly “create” this news by packaging data as quantifiable rankings, indices, comparisons, or trends—an easy-to-understand framework that brings order and structure to a fundamentally uncertain world.

Unlike research conducted for an academic journal, we specifically structure our research questions to uncover results and findings that will potentially attract widespread media attention, generate significant viral buzz, and contribute directly to our client’s strategic objectives.