• PR Hacker Conference Room (map)
  • 719 Clementina St
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
  • United States

Would you like to drive millions of users to your website, product, mobile app, or service by harnessing the power of free mass media coverage? 

Would you like to become a "thought leader" in your chosen field and attract new clients, customers, and business partners to seek you out?

Do you need rapid traction and growth to raise your next angel or venture capital investment round?

Or would you like to raise $120,000 on Kickstarter or Indiegogo in under one week?

PR hacker Ben Kaplan has done all of the above.  Ben is not only an accomplished developer, start-up founder, and Harvard-trained economist, but he's also a 36-year-old PR superstar who has worked as a media expert, brand spokesperson, seasoned journalist, and CEO of the fastest growing PR company in the world.

In this brand new interactive presentation, Ben will reveal the 10 Essential Laws of PR Hacking -- a new analytical approach to media outreach that is 6x more efficient and 25x-100x more effective than traditional PR. These are the same laws that the PR Hacker team uses every day to generate thousands of media hits per month for their clients.

Whether you are a consumer-focused operation that wants massive traffic or a business-to-business company that needs highly targeted customers, Ben will demonstrate how data-driven PR can be an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.

IMPORTANT:  Our last PR hacking event in San Francisco was one of the largest tech meetups in recent memory (with a line to get in half way around the block).  Because seating is limited in the theater, get your free ticket right away to reserve your seat.


  • Startup founders and entrepreneurs who need to show "traction"
  • Recently funded companies who need more customers and sales
  • PR and marketing managers who want more ROI from their PR firm
  • Individuals who are launching serious crowdfunding campaigns
  • Anyone who wants to "hack" the PR system for their company or cause


  • How to "create news" and make ANY company more "newsworthy"
  • How engineers can apply their analytical skills to data-driven PR campaigns
  • How to piggy back on breaking news and seasonal "news pegs" for more PR
  • How to leverage the "mathematics of PR" by pitching more media verticals
  • How to get massive TV and radio coverage without ever buying a paid ad
  • How to create trend stories that newspaper and magazine editors can't resist
  • How to stategically pivot your pitch for bloggers and online influencers
  • How to A/B test, optimize, and measure the effectiveness of your pitches
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes when choosing a PR firm
  • How to build and manage your own media contact list in minimal time
  • How to build up "thought leadership" in any field using the 3x3 rule
  • How to get national media outlets to publish your guest article or blog post
  • How to organize and manage a strategic e-mail blast to media contacts
  • How to quickly and easily demonstrate your expertise and credentials
  • How to "pre-produce" a segment or story for media gatekeepers
  • How to convert media exposure into website traffic and user data capture
  • How to best "media train" your company's founders or top executives
  • How to transform a single media interview into regular repeat appearances
  • How to answer any media question by perfecting your "talking points"
  • How to add "buzz" to your interviews by using hot-button stories and phrases
  • How to know if now is the time to change your PR firm


We'd love to have you come prepared to briefly explain your product, service, company, or cause (in just a few sentences). Near the end of the presentation, we'll invite audience members on stage to participate in a special Brain Hurricane round. In 3 minutes or less, Ben will help you brainstorm an awesome "media hook" for getting widespread PR and media coverage.