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Would you like to drive millions of users to your website, product, mobile app, or brand by harnessing the power of free mass media coverage, viral social sharing, experiential events, and organic word-of-mouth?

In this high-energy presentation, Secrets of a Viral Marketer: 5 Ways to Get 'Em to Laugh, Cry, Share & Buy, with PR Hacker CEO and viral expert Ben Kaplan (www.prhacker.com), you’ll go inside some of the most successful (and surprising) viral hits of the past decade to get a better understanding of how viral principles are changing the face of modern PR, social media, digital marketing, and experiential events―and how you can use those learnings (plus a little creativity and strategy), to turn your brand or business into a media superstar that generates millions of dollars worth of publicity at minimal cost to you.


* Major brands that want to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase of their products

* Startup founders and entrepreneurs who need to show "traction" PR, social media, and digital marketing managers who need media coverage on a limited budget Individuals who are launching crowdfunding campaigns

* Anyone who wants to "hack" PR, social media, and digital marketing for their startup, company, or cause


* How to "create news" and make ANY brand or startup more "newsworthy" 

* How to leverage breaking and seasonal news for more publicity

* How to trigger "activating emotions" that cause more sharing on social platforms

* How to spur thousands of fans to generate content for you in two hours or less

* How to convert offline activities to online engagement (and vice versa)

* How to convert mass media and social media exposure into website traffic and user data capture

* How to incorporate viral videos, data visualizations, and experiential street teams in your next campaign

* How to add "buzz" by using hot-button stories and phrases



>> 6:00 pm: Doors open, registration, and networking 

>> 6:15pm to 7:15pm: Main presentation 

>> 7:15pm to 7:45pm: "Lightning pitches"

>> 7:45pm to 8:00pm: Individual questions and networking


We'd love to have you come prepared to briefly explain your product, brand, service, company, or cause (in just a few sentences). Near the end of the presentation, we'll invite audience members on stage to participate in a "Lightning Pitch" round. In 3 minutes or less, Ben and the PR Hacker team will help you brainstorm an awesome "media hook" for getting widespread PR and social media coverage.